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nonprofit Startup Services

It all starts with strategy.


Where are you and where are you going? 

 We’ve helped nonprofits through mergers and acquisitions, program expansion, and helped implement major shifts in strategic direction. 


Strategic Planning

We've led dozens of nonprofits at every stage of the nonprofit organization lifecycle through strategic planning. We use a process approach so it's never about just "holding a retreat". We've co-designed the pre-work, led the planning process, then joined forces with the nonprofit's staff to create the achievable and measurable operations plans to translate your ideas into action.

Organizational Effectiveness

We take a whole-systems approach looking externally and internally at how you can best meet the needs of your clients and best leverage your funding and talent. Our operational expertise translates your ideas into action, so that all of your processes are aligned to support your new or updated direction.

Culture and People Strategy

Your people are the core of your nonprofit and your culture is what allows them to be at their best. Paid staff and volunteers, including your Board, deserve solid engagement and retention support. We are experts in designing and deploying best in class practices, including recruitment, incentive and recognition strategies as well as leadership development and succession planning solutions that are aligned with your strategy.

Change is never easy.

Coaching can support your new practices whether you are a board member, an emerging leader or a seasoned executive, we can help you maximize your personal and professional potential. 

Our coaches are International Coach Federation (ICF) certified at the Associate level and above. The ICF credential is awarded to professional coaches who have met stringent education and experience requirements and have demonstrated ongoing mastery of the eleven coaching competencies.

A few examples of the approaches, models and instruments that we use are:

CCAT Nonprofit Organization Assessment    

Nonprofit Lifecycle Planning

Organization Culture Assessment Instrument

Appreciative Inquiry and Strengths-Based Facilitation     

Emotional Intelligence (EQi 2.0)   

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)    

Strengths Deployment Inventory      


A great idea is only the beginning of a great nonprofit.


We can work with you in the early stages to ensure your efforts are maximized. Core to our work is helping you build programs, infrastructure to support them and formalizing your foundation so that you can have the greatest impact.


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