Some Recent/Current Projects

  • Nonprofit Impact Accelerator co-leader, supporting start-up nonprofits to build their foundational infrastructure, strategy and operational plans

  • Team Coaching program for newly formed Leadership team of statewide coalition

  • Individual coaching engagements with emerging and experienced nonprofit leaders

  • Strategic planning retreats for small, medium and large nonprofits, and grant making organizations

  • Merger/acquisition evaluation process for two established adult services organizations, two community health organizations, two animal welfare groups

  • Capacity building to improve organizational health of a community development corporation that included board alignment and development

Our clients say...


Merger project for two $7M Child Welfare agencies, included strategic partner for Board leadership, Executive Transition, People Process integration and more.

"We were very fortunate to have engaged Tiffanie Dillard to help us out on HR integration matters.  Her role expanded significantly into organizational strategy, transitional strategy, CEO search committee planning, coaching and so many other matters.  Without her insights I’m not sure how we would have gotten to where we are." - Board Chair

"Thank you so much for your knowledge, skills and passion for helping the agency. What a pleasure working with you. The agency is better because of you. Thank you sincerely!"

Chief Executive Officer

HR Infrastructure project for Human Service nonprofit, included organizational role assessment and design, appraisal process, compensation review for staff and executive roles.

“Tiffanie, thanks for your fantastic insight and expertise. We are so much further ahead because of you.” Executive Director

“Thank you for your work with us. It will be very helpful as we move the Board to the next level of sophistication.” - Board Chair


Nonprofit Start-up to support survivors of abuse:

"Thank you so much Tiffanie and Adam for sharing your knowledge and insight to assist us with successfully beginning our non-profit journey. We are better equipped to move forward because we met with you. You make a great team and perfect combination of seasoned knowledge and experience with open, honest transparency on lessons learned in your start-up." - Nonprofit Founder

Foundation Partner in Capacity Building initiatives

"Tiffanie is a masterful coach and consultant. She has a diverse background in the sector and has operated at many levels within nonprofits. She also has a deep understanding about the role of women in nonprofits. In her work with our community partners she has demonstrated a no BS approach while practicing curiosity and compassion. We are a better organization for working with her." - Foundation Director